Friday, April 22, 2011

Hip-Pity Hop

However you celebrate Easter--whether the traditional candy explosion, the humble religious observance, or a mish-mash of both--the candy abounds:

It's in stores,

it's at the office,

it somehow ends up on your counter

or in your pantry.

The mind screams, "RESIST!" but the mouth and hands just never seem to hear.

Why do Easter Bunnies say "Hippity Hop?"

I like to think they are saying,

"Eat this candy and it will go to your hip. Pity-HA!!"

Can't you just hear them saying that? (Or am I crazy?)

It is ok to treat yourself sometimes; to enjoy the memories that flood back with every bite of sweet, chocolatey goodness. Just keep yourself in check.

Have a Peep, not a flock.

Have a Cadbury Egg, not a clutch.

Have a few jelly beans, not the whole bag.

Think about how happy you THINK the candy will make you opposed to how happy you'll be when you're fit and healthy.

Most of all, take care of you.

See you on the HIP side!



1 comment:

Karlie said...

I had 6 Dark Chocolate dove eggs for breakfast. Yes, that was my breakfast. :( I read this post too late. I'll bring the rest of it today!