Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{counting calories}

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and I've tried just about everything out there to lose weight. In high school I weighed about 190lbs. After graduation, I went to Utah State University for year and lost about 10 pounds (yay for not gaining the freshman 15!). Then, I transfered to LDSBC in Salt Lake City, moved home, and got a job working at Calico Corners. I was the youngest one there, so lifting heavy bolts of fabric was usually left for me. I also had a boyfriend, and we were always doing something active- bike rides, going on walks, water skiing, etc. That summer I lost another 20lbs.

I remember people telling me, "Shan! You look so good! Have you lost weight?" I'd tell them I had, and when they'd ask what I was doing, I'd honestly reply with, "I don't really know! I guess just eating less!"

At the time, it never occurred to me, that I was burning more calories than I was taking in. Sure, I was eating, but way less! I'd eat just a few bites during dinner and then I'd run out the door with my boyfriend. During work, I'd run to Wendys and grab a baked potatoe and chili, and even the occasional hamburger and fries, but I was always on the go. Walking from class to class at school, lifting bolts of fabric at work, and being more active helped burn all the calories I was taking in.

Somehow over the years, I've forgotten really how easy it is to lose weight. It really is that simple- burn more calories that you take in. A few of my good friends have recently lost weight, just by counting calories alone! They watched what they ate, calculated the calories, and the weight came off! Add some physical activity to that and they lost even more!

I'm a memeber of livestrong.com. It's an online community where you can input the amount of weight you want to lose, and it tells you how many calories you can eat each day to reach your goal. Then you input what you eat, and it shows how many calories you've eaten, along with the what percent of protein, carbs, fat, etc you're eating. And it's FREE!

And it's working! Sticking to a certain amount of calories each day, along with staying active actually works! (Whoda thought?!)

There are many more benefits to Livestrong.com- there's a community of people to support and encourage you, work out ideas, articles on healthy living, etc.

Here are a few more sites that I highly recommend for support and food tracking:


Karlie said...

You've got it girl! My favorite is MyFitnessPal only because EVERYTHING you type in the search comes up with exact calories. Takes no time at all.
Keep us posted on your progress!

Katie said...

All those sites are awesome.

I think a huge turning point for me was realizing that food is fuel. Sure, sometimes it's ok to indulge but for the most part I eat to keep my body healthy and energized.

It's just like my car--I wouldn't fill it up past that "full" mark.