Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Vacation (noun): leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure.

First, allow me to introduce myself.

They call me Katie 'round these parts. Or Mom. Or Hey, You. I've been overweight since I was little. Between eating dinner in front of the TV most nights (which created horrible eating habits I'm still struggling with) and emotional eating, weight has been an issue my entire life.

After high school (which we don't talk about high school) I started eating healthy and going to the gym and lost a good amount of weight. Now I'm 28 years old and have been happily married for 9 years. I have been gifted with 4 beautiful kids and, along with them, 50 extra not-so-beautiful pounds. I'm currently doing Weight Watchers (WW) and an at-home fitness program called 20 Second Fitness. I started January 17th of this year and have lost 13.8 lbs so far. I started out at 183.8 lbs and I'm hoping to be at my goal weight of 135 lbs by August.

So, "Hiya!"

My hubby and I two days before we got married, in 2002.

This was after I lost weight.

Me (Left) at our ICAN booth almost a year ago.

I couldn't find a newer pic of me, but I look the same. Bummer, I know.

Now, a word about vacations:

We just got back from a little jaunt to St. George, Utah. It was spring break at the U and my hubby needed a break from his studiousness. I geared up for the trip by giving myself pep-talks about staying On-Plan, finding a hotel with a full kitchen and a gym so I could eat healthy and remain active, and I even planned healthy activities for us such as hiking.

Yeah, it didn't work.

Here's the thing I learned about vacations--they are MEANT for breaking rules. No matter how good your intentions, you will slip up. You SHOULD slip up. ENJOY the slipping. (Well, unless you go on vacation every month... in that case, I hate you. Ok, so hate is harsh. Picture a potpourri of resentment and jealousy.)

I bought fruit and I ate it. I also enjoyed ice cream, pizza, and seconds at the buffet. I didn't make it to the gym but we did enjoy some healthy activities. (We would have done a few hikes had I not brought the bad weather with me in my suitcase.)

I got back home and the first thing I did was step on the scale, stomp my feet, pout, and do the "I'm-so-ashamed-now-I-have-to-pig-out" thing. Monday morning I woke up with a new attitude: I did my work out, tracked my Points, and didn't give up. As of this morning, I'm back down to where I was before I left. It's almost like I never slipped in the first place!

So, my advice about vacations: Don't sweat it. It's a chance for you to take a break and enjoy the things you don't usually get to enjoy. Try to plan activities that keep you active--c'mon, practically every hotel has a pool! Just know that as soon as you get back home it's time to get back on track.

Happy Slipping!




I'd Rather Have a Cupcake said...

I so agree witht this-I was actually mad that the food wasn't better last week in Cuba(I knew it wouldn't be fantastic-but yikes) I more then mad up for it yesterday and today though-Back on the wagon tomorrow-Vacation is offically OVER

Shan aka Skinny Jeans Gal said...

Katie I can TOTALLY relate- I was doing SO well before we went down to St. George a few weekends ago too- and I feel like I haven't quite gotten back into it but you've given me the motivation to get back on it!

Love ya girl!

The Author said...

This might have made me cry a little. Right now I am working hard at not giving up for a slip up and fighting right on through it. Thanks! Great Post.

Claire said...
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Karlie said...

Love the post. Oh, vacations. Joy. Good for you for not giving up, and getting back with it.