Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was at the gym yesterday. I felt good. I had my music blaring from my mp3 (no I don't have an IPOD like everyone else and their dog) I'm on the elliptical, my favorite machine because it's easy on my joints and gives me an awesome work out. I have Mr. Nacho next to me. (I'm starting to make up names for the "regulars" at the gym now, it is so entertaining).

After a while during my workout and at a really motivating second during a really good song I suddenly have this urge to let out a "woot woot!!" I get off my machine (what was I thinking?) and started running down the long row of treadmills and ellipticals high fiving everyone on a machine. I procede to run around the weights giving epic high fives to anyone in my path. Even sweaty man hoe, I know, I probably shouldn't have given him any ideas. Lol! Soon everyone joined in with some shout outs and some "hoots and hollaaaa...s!" I even chest pumped some girl, you know when you jump and hit chests. Mmm, maybe that doesn't work so well for girls. I figured I better slow down before I passed out or puked in front of everyone and headed back to my machine.

It sounded so good in my head. I didn't really do any of that, but how cool would that be!!! We are all there trying to get in shape to be our best selves. Inside we all want to be the sexiest chic in the room. And the minute I walk out of the gym I feel a little bit better about myself. Let me hear ya! Woot woot!


This is how I felt. In my daydream.
Ya, it works better with guys.


Mike said...

So I am confused. Were you feel cold like the lady giving high fives, or were you talking about the happy & accomplished look on her face?

Melissa Clark said...

Whoot! Whoot!

Katie said...

I have felt that rush of endorphins! It's intoxicating!

And I totally would've chest-bumped you. I'm cool like that.

The Author said...


I'm dying, this is hilarious. I have to catch myself regularly from throwing my hands in the air and dance on my machine as I get pumped up. You guys are great.

Sarah Kopf said...

Woot! Woot!

You totally had me going! For the record, I'd have tried to chest bump you---and then fallen down. LOL