Monday, May 4, 2009

{a few thoughts}

Since last weeks video post was so long, I decided to for go that route and blog the old fashioned way.

Thanks to everyone who commented last week! My final thoughts on HCG are this (wow...I sound like Jerry Springer): It might work, it might not, but anybody is going to loose ungodly amounts of weight on a 500 calorie a day diet. (Hmmm....maybe I should try that......j/k) I also think that if you only need to lose 10-15 lbs, HCG is not for you.

Anyway, enough about that.

I just got home from a walk/run. To be honest, I walked for 90% of it & ran for 10% of it, but I was proud of that! It felt good walking. I tried to keep my step in time with my music, which had a fast beat, so I would keep walking fast. I've gotta start somewhere right? I know that if I try to start running right off the bat, it'll be so hard that I'll want to give up. Plus, they say that the best kind of exercise is the kind YOU DO, so whatever keeps me moving is what I'm going to do! I felt a little depressed right as I started walking though. I just kept thinking to myself, "Shan, how did you get here?" It seemed effortless putting on the weight, and now it's so freaking hard to take it off. I know what you're thinking. "Well of course it was effortless! Without effort you don't get results!" I finally talked myself out of it, turned up some Bon Jovi and walked it off. One step at a time, I kept reminding myself.

I hate sounding like a Debbie Downer, so let's move on! I didn't hear from any of you last week about getting together this weekend. Sup wit dat?! I'd love to get together with you guys this Saturday! Say around 7:00? We can meet up, chat it up, and then do something fun! Let me know if you can come!

Also, I need new shoes to walk/run in! What brands do you like, where should I go, and how much should I expect to pay? Thoughts?

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks again for all of your support!

And if you're lurking, come out of hiding and say hi! The more the merrier!


Lisa K said...

I like Aesics. If you go to Runners Corner in Orem, they will work with you for about 30 minutes to see what shoe is best for you. They watch how you walk, run, etc. I always had knee problems until I went there and had them evaluate me and get me the right shoes.

If you buy shoes from there, it will cost you $100-150. What I do know that I know what specific shoe works for me is find them on sale throughout the year or go to this one shop in SL, it's on Redwood Road, and get discounted shoes there. They carry all of the previous years models of shoes so then the price is cheaper, $50-100. It's called Ossimo's or something weird. I can ask my dad if you are interested.

But seriously, go some place where they will take the time to look at how you walk/run instead of just choosing a shoe that feels comfy. It makes a big difference.

Anne said...

Ditto what Lisa said. The wrong pair of shoes can result in blisters (yowza) and injury, so it's definitely worth the time and money to determine your foot strike, stride, etc. and get a pair of shoes that is perfect for you. The cutest shoe isn't always the best shoe (as I learned the hard way).

Mands said...

I just got some running Puma ones at TJ MAX. Probably not the best place to get them,but they are super comfy to run in and they were about 49.99 I think. I think we should hear what everybody has on their ipod workout list. I'm always looking for new upbeat fun music to jog to. Cami got some workout music from Costco or something. Let me ask her about it and then I will let everybody know. Look on my blog and look for my other Shannon friend from Utah who has started a weight loss blog. You two need to meet!

Darci said...

see if there's a striders store in your area- there is one in layton. they assess your stride with their computer and let you try tons of different shoe brands until you find one you like (they pull out suggestions for you based on your assessment)i ended up with mizunos. they were around 100 but well worth it- so comfy.