Tuesday, April 28, 2009

{what do you think of the hcg diet?}

Hey guys! Here is my Monday post! Email me at skinnyjeansgal@gmail.com if you're interested in meeting up on the 8th or 9th of May! Also, watch the video and let me know what you think about the topic at hand! Thanks!


Brit said...

my neighbor is doing this diet and lost 65 lbs so far, she loves it..but I haven't really checked it out

cathycan said...

HCG...I think the trick is, you never go off the diet.
Unfortunately elmm, eat less, move more is the only real diet. Or was that eat lots many meals...or eat little m&m's? anyway, it's hard, way harder than gaining the weight!

The J J Glenn Family said...

My husband ( Medical Student) is over my shoulder telling me that it is totally Illegal and it is like buying steriods. If you are buying over the internet it is probably coming from another country where you really can't trust what is in it. He says it can cause acromegaly. GOOGLE IT!! ACROMEGALY!!! Thats all from my cute knowledgeble Medical student husband. He says it's not a good idea. Ohh he also said it can cause Diabetes. yikes!

OHhh can you guys take notes or record your get together on the 8th or 9th. I'm so into this! Maybe we can start one here in Az. and we can Ichat some of our meetings. ha!

sarah marie p said...

Whoa. I'd never heard of that diet before but it sounds horrible! I can't believe those thin, young girls were doing this diet. I don't think it's approved by the FDA or whatever and it def. does NOT sound healthy! I don't think it's cool AT ALL. Yeah, only eating 500 calories a day is totally not healthy. And droplets/pills, etc? Yikes! Sounds really scary.

Lisa K said...

My sister Jill did it and lost 40 lbs but she's gradually gaining it back. It's not a lifestyle change, more of a quick fix.

I personally would be wary of injecting hormones in myself daily. As a victim of blood clots because of increased hormones (birth control) I wouldn't risk it.

The Stewarts said...

Shan - I researched this diet like crazy and was the number one skeptic for a long time. My hibby is a pharmacist, these injections are totally legal and safe. He has seen many, many people coming in for the injections and coming back for more a LOT thinner.
I did the HCG in January of 2008. Boy oh boy did it work fast! The diet was horrible, but after about the 4th day I felt quite a bit better. My period was way late - something in the neighborhood of 68 days late. The hormones made me feel preggo for the first week. Mildly anyway. But I dropped weight from all the right places.
You have to have your mind in the right place. You cannot ever cheat on this diet. Not even once. I never did, but everyone I know that has didn't have as much success.
I loved this, it gave me the kick start I needed. But I would never do it again. It wouldn't be worth it now that I am so close to my goal.
My friend did several cycles of HCG and actually has lost the same amount of weight in the same time frame doing weight watchers and working out faithfully 5 days a week.
I didn't watch the video (sound is broken on the laptop) but I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me anything about it. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.
Also, we have a Biggest Loser Group around here. The members have been from all over. You are welcome to come. The last winner just took home over $300. We are starting a new cycle this week. We meet every Tuesday at 8:00. We bring $5 every time, and if we meet the weekly goal (which is always differnt) then we pay $4. There's a cycle winner and also a monthly winner. It's really fun, informative, and helpful. I look forward to it every week!
Wow, I wrote a novel. Sorry. But this is something that occupies much of my time right now, and I am just dying to be done asap. I am hopeful now that I'm off my reflux meds (which causes wight gain, but in my case, was preventing me from losing too much weight in the group, even though I still averaged just under a pund a week) that I will have an easier time.
PS - I count calories in my iPod touch. There's a free program called "lose it" that's awesome! I'm going on my second week now, and it's been great.
Good luck!