Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{no recent facebook pictures? here's why...}

I laughed when I saw this because all I could think was, "Oh, it's just so true..." I hate all the pictures of me on facebook right now. If someone tags me, I immediately untag it. Why? Because of the weight I've gained. That is one of the reasons I'm determined to take it off. I'm so sick of hiding from people I haven't seen in awhile for fear of what they might think of me. Lord knows, some times I don't even recognize myself in pictures. All I see is a chub girl who resembles me. Not that I need to be totally narcissistic, but I want to post pictures of myself and think, "Dang girl, you fine!" Know what I mean?

I've been doing pretty well so far and have lost about 15 lbs. Woot woot! I'm about an 1/8 of the way, but I'm bound and determined! What is your motivation for losing the lbs? Best of luck!


clair said...

15lbs is awesome! Congrats! :)

Katie said...

I'd tell you you're beautiful but if you don't believe it it doesn't matter what I say.

But I have to.


Being one of the lucky ones that gets to see you, I have to tell you that no one thinks you're fat. Girl, you are FINE! We've all gotten a little chubs (myself SO included) but that's life. You're trying to do something about it, which is not the norm, and you're doing great! 15 lbs is AMAZING!!

Are you on I just recently got on there. If you are--add me! Klskills.

Katie and Josh Fairbanks said...

Go girl! That is awesome!
I am still trying to lose this baby weight (17 months later shhhh...;)

Mands Glenn said...

I hate when people Tag me in pics and I realize after they have been up all day and I look Nasty. Its totally normal. This made me laugh!

Mands Glenn said...

K just read that you have lost 15lbs. DANG GINA!!! That is freeking awesome. THanks for the motivation. Today I woke up thinking Im not going to eat all day. ha! It's 7:21 and Im about to take the kids to get donuts. Ughhh. I need motivation. I feel like I have eaten every Christmas cookie that has been dropped off at our house in the past week or I have made. I need self control. Its starting right now. Wish me luck. Congrast again on the 15lbs. So impressed. Are you watching the Biggest Loser right now? I am, because of the handsome new trainer. it always pumps me up after I watch it!