Monday, April 18, 2011

{on feelin' chubs}

So at work we have this big trade show every year and our company has one of the main booths at it. Every year is a different theme and we all dress the part. In years past we've done Disney (everyone wore a character costume. Seriously), Casino Royal (that was easy- just dressed like we were working the poker tables in Vegas. Not working it, but working, as in dealing cards), and this year the theme is Under the Big Top.

And since the theme is Circus, we're dressing as clowns, which I find hilarious because most people have a real fear of clowns. (Hope that doesn't stop traffic at our booth...hmm...) Anyway, it was decided that we'd make tutu's to wear, (since you know, most clowns wear tutus and all), along with red noses, wigs, etc. The tutu's are made out of tulle, which sticks straight out and sits on the widest part of my body. It's so very flattering.

I tried mine on and this image instantly came to mind...
So now, the tutu hanging in my cubicle is my motivation. The trade show is next week and there's no way to lose a ton of weight before, and let's be honest....does a tulle tutu really flatter anyone that's not a professional ballerina? I think not.'s motivation!

Hope your week is fabulous!


The Author said...

I agree with motivation being good but I do not see the hippo. I know you have goals and dreams Shan, but I really have always thought you were beautiful. REady for this confession? Just a tiny bit envious of you in school. You are so vivacious.

Big hugs girl.

Katie said...

I agree with The Author. I was jealous of you in high school. Vivacious.... and bodacious! And you still are. You have a way of workin' it. Work that tutu, girlfriend!

(Do I sense a costume idea for the Dirty Girl Run? Bwahaha!)

Karlie said...

I still see you like I saw you back when all the girlz in the club were goin crazy. If only we could see ourselves that way. You better get some good pictures! You go girl. Don't let that tutu taunt you ;)

cathycan said...

I do NOT think of tutus when I think of clowns.
why tutus?
where the tutu around your neck like a big clown ruffle. THAT'S how clowns wear tutus!