Thursday, April 7, 2011

{i'm injured...injured real bad}

First, watch this video- it has nothing to do with weight loss, but it's hilarious and I love when he says, "He was injured...injured real bad".

This is how I feel today. I didn't get kicked in the "peniths" but I did hurt myself! Earlier this week, my left heel was kind of hurting. I didn't think much of it and went running a few times. Well yesterday I woke up and could hardly walk on it! Come to find out, I have Plantar Fasciitis in that foot. There's not much I can do except stretch really good and ice it and it should heal itself...hopefully!

I was totally bummed when I realized what it was, because I've been really pumped about running and doing cardio! My first thought was, "Well, guess I can't exercise for awhile...." until I realized I can still do weight training and swimming and things that don't involve me jumping around on my foot!

Has anyone else dealt with this? What did you do?



Mike said...

YES! Mike, not me has battled it for a while. He went to a foot doctor who prescribed orthotics to put in his shoe it seemed to help a ton. Okay I recorded an episode of the Doctors yesterday that talked all about Plantar Fasciitis. I recorded it on TiVo. I'll save it and you could swing by and watch it after work sometime if you want. So sorry Shan. Keep your head up it hasn't stopped Mike.

Karlie said...

Oh shoot. That was from me. Mike hates it when I do that. ~Karlie

Blue said...

LOL Thanks for the extra calories burned from literally LMAO. I don't have any advice.....cuz I am awesome like that. Hope your heel heals fast!

Mama2girls said...

Oh my gosh. I remember seeing that video clip forever again... still just as funny now as it was then! Good luck with your foot! Hope you get to feeling better and good for you finding other ways to exercise.

Mike said...

Yes ... I DO hate it when you do that Kar. Especially when I want to comment.

Anyway. Orthotics eventually got my foot better but it does suck! In fact if I could chose one swift kick in the "peniths" vs. the drawn out Planter Fasciitis, I would ... well ... I'd still take the PF but it's a close one.

Tiff said...

That stinks! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

Katie said...

You're hilarious. I'm sorry about your foot...I hope it heals fast. :(

TaLaisa said...

I got a bad round of plantar facitis 18 months ago that waylaid some race training. It was so so painful. I don't have a penithss so I can't say for certain but I'm pretty sure I'd rather be kicked once there than have pf for 6 months like I did.

I got orthopedic shoe inserts, wore shoes from the minute my feet hit the floor until I went to bed at night. I also did lots of icing and stretching. My aunt runs and swears by toe taps. Bare foot toe taps. I also rolled my foot over a tennis ball with light pressure to medium pressure. IT felt so awesome.

I also apply lemongrass essential oil to my feet every single morning. Lemongrass is awesome for fascia and ligaments.

I also quit running. And took up spinning.

I now go barefoot most of the time and I'm running 15-25 miles a week again. I'm also told that the problem may flare up when I'm stressed and that losing weight will only help my feet more.