Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Comparitively Speaking

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had." ~Erica Jong

Before I posted my actual weight on this site (and others), I worried for a long time if people would think I was gross or try to compare their weight to my own. Then I decided that we all need to just get over that. More than anything, I need encouragement as that number goes down and help when that number stays the same or possibly goes up; I need the accountability.

I'm 5'3" tall and small-framed... that doesn't give me a lot of room for "extra cushion." So while some women might not think I weigh much or need to lose that much weight I am still very overweight; I think I was even up in the "obese" category for a while.

I've had several women who are taller than me or bigger boned say "I wish I weighed the same as you... you don't have that much to lose." Several thoughts usually pop into my head after someone says that to me:

--"Well, I wish I were taller like you so I had somewhere to hide some of these extra pounds."

--"I wish I had big gazongas like you so they could hide my tummy."

--"I wish my torso was longer like yours."

--"I wish my butt was rounder like yours."

--"I wish.... you get the point!!

THEN I realize what I'm doing and start cursing us both for comparing ourselves.

I don't want anyone else's body. I want mine. I love my body. For years I struggled with my body but it has shown me time and time again that it is capable of beautiful things. Now it's up to me to prove that I deserve such a beautiful body by taking good care of it.

Comparing yourself to other women can only be destructive--NO GOOD will come out of it. Instead, let's work WITH other women. The power of women joining together with a common goal is indescribable...

so let's stop comparing--

we've got more important things to do!




sue mertlich said...

WOW! I should not be amazed at you, but I am....continually! You have grown so much and learned so much about yourself. What a beautiful, healty attitude. < you

shannon said...

Katie, it's so true! Most people would be shocked at my weight because it's even spread all over my body! HA! I just want to feel comfortable and sexy and be healthy!!! :)

Karlie said...

Yep. I agree with both comments so far. It's not even about weight. It's about health. I am getting healthy and have never felt better. I'm comparing constantly, not gonna' lie. Mostly I compare myself to what I "want" to look like some day. It motivates me, but it has also been destructive. So you're right I'll stop comparing cuz I've got more important things to do!!!!!

Laura Muir said...

Great post. I like that thought. We should not compare ourselves to others. Nobody is the same. That is the beauty of it!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!! Very gripping! And you are so right, no two people are at all the same, even at the same height and weight... we all just gotta focus on the prize! health and happiness! :) great post!

TaLaisa said...

Fantastic post. (I'd type a whole lot more but I'm not ready to cry about it yet). But I struggle with comparisons from both the making and receiving end. I need to print that on my wall (Karlie, Vinyl?), 'we've got more important things to do!' .

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

Elizabeth said...

This is a fantastic post. Why as women do we always compare and compete as Mums and Wives and people?
We all need to be happy with ourselves and the pretty healthy bodies most of us have.
PS I need to take my own advice 'cos all I ever want for Christmas is to be taller-)

The Author said...

gah, I'm totally guilty of wishing I had the body someone else has. Great post. Something to work towards for sure.