Thursday, March 24, 2011

The DREADED gym scene

Oh the gym. I lost a bunch of weight in my teens early 20's all without the gym. I ran. After two babies and about 70+ pounds gained it's too hard on my joints to just pick up and run I am realizing. (I do hope to get to that point again though) So the gym it is.....why do I hate the thought of it?

WELL I'll tell ya!

-It's the skinny bitches that greet me at the counter when I walk in.

-It's the awkward stares from everyone in the room as I walk from the front door to my machine. Don't get me wrong I stare just like everyone else, I'm a people watcher what can I say ;) It makes the time go faster.

-It's the stupid socializing going on between the buff man hoe and the skinny bitches.

-It's the man who lifts weights in spandex in all his glory with his junk out there for every one to see. Oh, and he sounds like he's giving birth when he lifts too.

-I hate feeling like I have to look decent to go sweat it out at the gym.

-It's the greasy guy that gets on the elliptical next to me when there are 20 other machines to choose from.

-The list goes on! The list goes on and on....... and on.

I'm toughing it out, and I know a lot of the reasons I listed above aren't true and very exaggerated. But come on, I know I'm not the only one out there that hates these things about the gym.

I got a membership at Crossroads Fitness. $10 dollars a month so $20 for both Mike and I. The enrollment fee was $150 and there is a $20 maintenance fee twice a year per membership. So really it equals out to be $15 a month.

A few negatives. No day care for kids, No tanning, No swimming pool, No steam room, No showers. A super small locker room. And the worst part, the Men and Women share a locker room...................... ha ha kidding.

I am slowly learning from my mistakes in the past. Looking at the positive (although it may not seem like it with this post) and putting myself out there. I work my butt off every time I go which is at least three time a week.

Don't be afraid to HIT the gym! Get out and GO! It feels so good! Get healthy!

I can't wait til I'm the one everyone stares at because I'm HOT, fit and I have a nice tan!!! Dang girl!

Check out My hubby's weight loss blog here. More about that next post.


Ron from NJ said...
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Ron from NJ said...

oops, I meant to also say that I totally get what you are saying about having trouble in the gym. That's why I like walking on the streets and I try to do stuff in the house when I can. Keeps me "private". I know, I know, I'm on the street and people can see me. The thing is they aren't there long AND they don't know I'm out there exercising. I might have had a car break down or something.

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh I love you! ... skinny bitches... sweaty man hoe!! AHHH!! I seriously love this post. All of it.