Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clear the air

I just needed to clear something up. I was never made fun of in high school nor was anyone particularly mean to me. And really I wasn't even THAT fat which frustrates me a lot to look back. I just wasn't thin, and I felt like you had to be thin to be liked. So not true. If I could go back, being the SAME ME, I would! And would make the most of those years. It is my fault and my fault only for not enjoying that time in my life. Kids are mean and look the other way if you are not the most outgoing or the cutest skinniest girl in school. There were plenty of people nice to me, I could name them all. I was just sad inside and ate my way to misery. Food was my best friend. I just gave up. I'm lucky something clicked when I graduated. And I remember girls just as heavy as me that made their way just fine with a ton of friends. I want to tell every "not so thin" girl in high school today to make the most of those years. Don't let ANYTHING hold you back. It really doesn't matter and if you put yourself out there, true friends can look past that. Too bad it took me all of those years to realize it. Below is a picture of me my senior year. Junior Jazz oh yeah! And I think our team even won the championship that year. I'm smiling but not truly happy.


Katie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I remember seeing girls in high school that were as big or bigger than me and they seemed to be doing just fine--so why was I dying inside every time I stepped through those school doors?

I blamed everyone but me and sometimes I still catch myself doing that... but you're right.. it's my fault and my fault alone.

I would never go back, but if I could I wouldn't wish to go back and be skinnier.. just happier. I'm working on the skinnier part now that I realize how skinny I USED to be.

The Felix Family said...

Karlie, I never ever remember thinking you were "fat" in high school or anytime growing up. I hate that you weren't happy. I never would have guessed. You always had a smile on your face and always remember you with a ton of friends. I think your are doing awesome and I love to read about your success!!