Thursday, January 29, 2009

{wowza, has it really been this long?!}

So, I'm at it again kids! Lol. Okay, so I'm still working on it, but it was one of my New Years resolutions to write on this blog once a week, and I think this will help me stay motivated if I have to keep updating you on my progress! Don't give up on me!

Seriously, why is losing weight so hard?! Why can't it be as easy and as fun to lose weight as it was to gain it? I mean, seriously....when you just don't give a damn, eating is a blast! But when you realize your clothes don't fit anymore, and you hate how you look in pictures, trying to take the weight off is a bee-otch! I feel like when I am trying my hardest, all I think about is calories and exercising and I obsess about it to the point that it stresses me out!

Does anyone else feel that way? What do you do to stay motivated? Does anyone know of an online resource that tells you exactly how much you should eat each day? When I diet, I tend to forget to eat enough, which sounds like an oxy-moron, but it's true! I'm talking about eating the right nutrients so my body doesn't freak out. I need to tackle eating the right amount of good foods & exercise.

Help a sista out- what works for you?


The Smith Family said...

Ugh... I totally hear you. I have been going to the gym religiously for 3 weeks... everyday BUT Sunday's. I think that a friend is he BEST motivator there is. I'm tellin' ya, if you get me a schedual of the classes you want to take at the rec center, one day a week or so, I can try to work it out, so I can go with ya. It really makes working out a LOT easier when you have someone who is doing it with you.
Are you not counting WW points anymore? I hear that it's suppose to be pretty good, at making sure you get your daily stuff.... but hey, what the heck do I know? I'm too cheap to pay for it. LOL
You are gonna do fine. Just try to work out MORE and eat less... It's a lifestyle change!!
LOL LOL LOL... okay sorry, I just had to... I HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT!!!!

Lisa K said...

I had a lot of friends lose weight with It's a free online diet thing. I looked into many years ago but haven't since. I may have to give it a try! (

I tried doing the Slim-Fast diet a couple of weeks ago and was loving it. But then I had a bad reaction with it because I'm not supposed to drink them while taking blood thinners. Very annoying!

JJ, Mands, Lilly and Lola said... is great! My Mom is doing it right now and it is super helpful. You just plug in what you ate during the day and they do all the calculations for you and tell you what you are lacking. I tried doing it, but because I'm nursing the site sent me to another site. Good luck! Wish me luck too!

dnA said...

I was trying to think of the website- I was thinking shark people though ;). Good thing everyone else beat me to that!
I did an intense count-every-calorie and go to the gym 5 days a week diet a couple years ago (pre-Calista) and I lost a whopping 8 pounds. It was so incredibly hard to loose that little amount. I think I'll never forget that and it will deter me from dieting for the rest of my life!!! :(
The absolute easiest way to lose weight- my secret/not so secret diet success was nursing that baby. Nursing an 10+ month old burns like 1,000 calories a day! You can eat anything and it doesn't matter. Those were good times. So when you have a baby someday, give your baby the gift of nursing as long as possible, and you'll get a great benefit too.