Monday, August 25, 2008

{traveling + eathing healthy = hard to do}

So, I'm in Dallas and it's fantastic. I love the rep I'm working with (he and his partner are hilarious), I love the city, and I love the food. Usually when I travel, I grab a bagel and cream cheese at the airport, because I didn't give myself enough time to eat a nutritious breakfast. Then I eat the crackers and cheese they give you during the flight, along with some trail mix I bought pre-flight to tide me over until dinner, and then I go hog wild when my clients take me to dinner, because hey, we're usually at some really cool, chic, expensive restaurant, and when else am I going to have fillet mignon and creme brulee? Plus, the people I'm with always order an appetizer and dessert, and it's hard to say no when everyone is eating it. (Why is it so easy to say no to bad things like drugs and alcohol when "everyone is doing it", yet it's so hard to say no to bad foods?
Since I've started making more of a conscious effort to eat healthy, I've learned that healthy eating takes more preparation and effort. A LOT more effort. Scott (the rep I'm working with) took me to a neat little Italian place tonight. We ordered a salad, and an appetizer and a pizza. The salad was delicious with all sorts of veggies and fruit and a light vinaigrette dressing. Good start Shan, I thought. Then the appetizer came (flat bread and marinara sauce) and I only had once piece. The pizza was also on flat bread, and I ate 2 small slices. Then I was bad...they ordered dessert and I did partake. The reps beguiled me.
But I did good for most of the day-
I had a nutritious breakfast of high fiber cereal (it keeps me regular), a turkey sandwich for lunch with no mayo, and I didn't buy the trail mix. (See, I wasn't all that bad!)
So tomorrow morning, I'm waking up early to jog and I've already pre-ordered a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and raisins.
I promise to do better tomorrow!


Sarah Marie said...

Hey, I think you're doing great! Only 2 slices of pizza is AOK. And like your tips said -- you can't deny yourself all goodness -- it's good you had some dessert or otherwise you might have gone nutz and eaten lots of icecream or something else in your hotel room! And your breakfast and lunch were healthy too! gooo you! And good job for preordering your breakfast! Yay you!

cathycan said...

I think you did fine! "I did partake..." LOL

Alex and Tara said...

I just love your blogs! It's always so hard to eat when you are out of town for work or even a vacation. But it sounds like you are doing great so far!! Once you get back send me a text or a call and we will get together. We can go walking or what not and eat our cereal. :)

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Sounds like you did excellent-ay. I remember my one and only business trip and I swear I gained 10 lbs. So, good job sticking with your diet!

April said...

Yeah, those business trips are hard. Elliot and I had been doing really well..and then he had a business trip...and I think he gained 8 lbs. I would have too, if I was there the whole time. Food everywhere--and good food. Expensive food supplied for you. Rough for those of us addicted to food, huh? I'm grateful I'm not addicted to drugs or anything like that...but I do struggle with food.