Saturday, August 23, 2008

{oh muh gah}

i went on a walk last night and thought it would be fun to jog for the last 1/2.
it felt like i walked/ran for about 5 miles, but in reality i think it was only a mile or so
it's the effort that counts though, right?
here are a few thoughts that were running through my head as i was jogging:
when i started: "wow, this isn't so bad..."
about 30 seconds into the jog: "wait...*panting*...when did my legs turn into lead?"
after 2 minutes and feeling like i was going to fall over: "okay...*panting*... run to that sign....*panting*...."
upon arriving at the sign: "okay....*gasping for breath* now run to that mail box on the other side of the street..."
after tripping on the curb to get to the mail box, in front of cute man, while my arms flailed in front of me in case i hit the ground: "oh please tell me he didn't see that...*heavy breathing*...wait, I think I hear him faster...."
at that point, i turned the corner just in time to save my pride and went back to walking swiftly.
i thought i'd never catch my breath
i figure it was a good first attempt at getting back into jog mode


wishcake said...

You're too funny! I mean, at least you can put a humorous spin on something that was surely awkward at the moment. Heehee. Great attitude!

And I must say, that is exactly what I was like when I started jogging. About a year ago I decided I wanted to be a runner - which is something I've NEVER been. But we all have to start somewhere - huffing and puffing. You'd be surprised how soon your body will get back into it.

Good luck, my dear! :)

Katie said...

Good job! I hate running! Body Pump class was the best for me. You go girl!

Sarah Marie said...

Oh man -- this would SO be me! I always say that I just wasn't meant to be a runner-- but I think this is just a lame excuse and I gotta get back into it. Kudos to you for doing it and pushing yourself to start jogging again! You'll be running again in no time! Oh man, this was funny though -- I'm glad you didn't run into the cute man! hee.

Lisa K said...

What helps me exercise is to have a goal to work towards. Right now my goal is to run in the BYU Homecoming 5k on October 11th. Do you want to do it with me? I'm going to start training next week for it.

Steph Corwin said...

how funny! I recommend those little goals though, to make it to the mailbox, okay now that you could do that, go to the next one, etc. Though maybe next time you won't trip :)

April said...

Hehe. Walking is better for you anyway. Speed walking and swimming are some of the best things you can do. They are better on your joints, and burn tons of calories. I ought to do them. :)