Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sensitive Subject

So, weight loss is a sensitive subject.

A coworker or friend may offer you a treat and you want to politely refuse it.

May I suggest...

Do NOT say, "No thank you, I'm on a diet."

Because people choose to be offended by this.

It implicates that maybe THEY should be saying "No" to the goodies as well and we never want to assume anyone is unhappy with their current state of health or act "holier than thou." Not only is that offensive, but it makes people want to sabotage you. And they will. And they might succeed.

Instead, say,

"No, I couldn't possibly eat another thing.. I'm full."

Or, "Thanks, I'm not hungry.. maybe later."

What are some of your suggestions?


sara said...

you know sometimes it's okay to just say 'Oh, no thank you!'..we don't really owe anyone an explanation. but if you're at work you can try the old 'i just brushed my teeth' or 'you know what i'm good, i had a bagel on the way into work'. if you're at a family gathering you might have to deflect attention from the offered food and pick up another healthier choice saying 'oh yeah, i will later but these brussel sprouts are soooo good'. anyway, good question. i agree you don't want to be a preacher/food cop.

hopefulandfree said...

Good point about people feeling offended. Maybe they have a lack of ego boundaries (psycho, er, psych talk for excessive sensitivity to individual differences in preference) LOL.

I like your "No thanks, I'm not hungry." Although it's often a big lie, I would like to eat, but I'm saving my eating for meals I CHOOSE, not stuff others offer. Then again, sometimes if it's something on my preferred menu anyway, I'm very grateful for a nice snack.

BTW, I really liked your last post (Hypocrisy). Sometimes there's no RIGHT response, we just do the best we know how at the moment. :)