Monday, April 4, 2011

damn easter candy

I work right next to a Walgreens, so usually we'll walk over there to take a little break and get a drink or a treat. I used to get a treat almost every time I went. Usually a Cowtail or something small, but it adds up! Well, when lent started, I gave up sugar. That lasted about 3 weeks and then I went down to St. George for my Grandpa's 80th birthday and ate cake.

Anyway, I haven't been as strict as I should be and today, I had a moment of weakness. I walked to Walgreens to buy some allergy medicine (damn hay fever) & their mini bags of Cadbury Eggs were on sale (you know, the chocolaty goodness covered in a pastel candy shell?) and I bought one. And I ate it. And it was sooo good. But of course, after I ate it I felt guilty. I mean, the pack only had about 10 little eggs in it (the size of a serving in the regular pack) but still.

I feel like that is how the rest of my life will be. Diet, diet, diet and then feel guilt when I eat something sweet or thats bad for me. Even if it's in moderation. And let's be honest...I know it's a lifestyle change, but even as I change my eating habits, I feel like I'll always feel that guilt.

Can you relate? Do you feel guilty too? So tonight I'll go jogging and push myself harder to erase the guilt from those damn candies.


cathycan said...

Here's what I have to do. Eat one or two, then give the rest to someone or throw the rest on the ground and step on them, really. I just cannot have them near me, I will eat them! Get back on the horse and try not to fall off again!! You're doing great!

I'd Rather Have a Cupcake said...

ahhh! I can so relate! Just so you know it WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Cadbury eggs are the work of the devil! Damn it! I ate 3 regular ones last week! So again...this was not your fault!

Katie said...

Shan, good food is not there for us to feel guilty over. It's delicious and meant to be enjoyed. The point is to not have it so often that it loses it's "luster."

I have one day a week when I can (if I feel like it) go hog-wild. Eat WHATEVER I want, however much I want with no thoughts of dieting. I only have one rule--eat when hungry, stop when almost full then enjoy a nice dessert.

So, grab that lil bag of cadbury eggs. Enjoy it. Tell yourself you only get one of those small packs a week. The suspense leading up to your "cheat" day will only make them taste sweeter. What I've also found is if I eat chocolate and treats slower--small, tiny bites and REALLY chew the crap out of them--they last longer and you REALLY get a taste for them... rather than eating a whole bag without even realizing it and grabbing another because that first one "didn't even count." (Speaking from personal experience here!!)

Love ya! :)

Bethany said...

Be kind to yourself. Your every day eating habits are what will make the difference. If you are eating healthy and exercising each day and for one day out of many you have a little treat, that is not going to set you back on your goal. Give yourself a chance to "cheat" every once in a while. Otherwise, when you do cheat you feel super guilty and less motivated to keep going. At least, that is how I feel. Lifestyle changes are different from dieting.

And you've got it right, earn those calories from exercising! That is what I love about physical activity, it give you more freedom in the food area.

Karlie said...

Oh Shan, You could have bought a giant bag of them. But you didn't. You chose a reasonable amount to satisfy your craving. With counting calories I have learned that a little pouch of candies might sometimes be my lunch for that day, or else I could have a chicken breast salad and a small wheat roll for the same amount of calories. That has helped me a ton! But your on the right track don't get frustrated. Guilt doesn't do any good for us. Eat a candy enjoy it and keep moving forward.