Monday, October 6, 2008

{one is the lonliest number}

So I weighed in last Thursday and I lost one freakin' pound. One. Uno.

Yes, I least I lost instead of gained right?

Still, I feel like I should have lost more. I weigh in on Thursdays and I've found that weekends are my nemesis. The past few weekends have been big events, with lots of food involved.

Events + Food = Temptation

Last weekend was my cousins wedding. The weekend before that was Andrews Birthday.

So, I need to try harder on these days. Just because it's Friday and Saturday doesn't mean I can forget tracking my points and eat a HUGE slice of birthday or wedding cake!

Okay, so on a lighter note, I am loving all the support you guys are giving! Seriously, your comments keep me motivated! I've even received a few emails from ya'll sharing your success stories, tips and encouragement! A huge thanks to Robin and Deb!
Keep them coming!


sarah marie p said...

You are totally right -- losing one pound is WAY better than gaining weight! You should be proud of that! I wish I lost a pound. What am I waiting for, huh? I should totally go to the gym tonight ... but I'm also thinking about going to the fair. Ack! yummy fair food. I swear I have a bad tude -- if I'm thinking about eating alla the fair food, i think, what's the point of working out? bad tude! I should prolly be getting some type of exercise in if i'm going to be eating all that goodness! anyways, keep up the good work Shan!!!!

Shellie said...

1 pound is awesome. it will keep adding up I promise. before you know it will be like 10-15-20 etc. Events are so hard. Just keep doing what you are doing. Its an uphill battle... believe me... I've been having such a hard time not putting the weight back on.

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

Girlfriend! Congrats! No worries. You will probably have a week where you lose 3 or 4 pounds. 1 pound is great! I think it's amazing that you can still lose after going to a b-day party and wedding. keep it up! I heard someone say, " losing a pound tastes better than that piece of chocolate or that piece of cake." So true! I love reading about your progress. You are doing it the right way.

Lisa K said...

Have you seen the weather for the 5k this Saturday? 46 degrees and RAINING!