Monday, October 27, 2008


Dear Neighbors,
As much as I love being taken by surprise from behind while running, and being bit on my thigh by your lovely mutt, I must ask that you keep your dogs on a leash or behind a fence.
Also, not to be a negative Nancy or anything, but could you also make sure your dog doesn't follow me during my run? I love a running mate...just one that I don't have to yell at and say, "Go home! Go on now!" *pointing away* at the end of my run.


Robin said...

A random dog really bit you? Oh my gosh! Sounds like people need to take a little responsibility!

You keep running? What a trooper! I'm such a big chicken (especially when it comes to random large dogs), that I'd totally run with a pocketful of dog treats. Toss a treat in the other direction and hope they would leave me alone! haha

p.s. thank you, thank you for the super awesome comment on my blog....pretty sure you made my day!

Jeff and Alyssa said...

Did you see how awesome you look on Shelley's blog from the Diva Party? Seriously, you are like one hot mamma!!:)

sarah marie p said...

Whoa! A dog really bit you on your thigh? Ahh! SCARY! That picture you posted is so cute/scary!

Gavin, Laura, and Sydney said...

Oooh... I hate when neighbors don't keep their annoying dogs confined in some way. Our neighbor's dog is nice enough, but it's always pooping on our deck! Yuck! And to have gotten bit by the dog? Yikes! That is horrible!